Intelligent Sensor Technology for Real-Time Respiratory Monitoring 

Welcome to Eupnea, an innovator in disease monitoring. With our advanced smart sensor, we enable early disease detection and proactive management of various conditions for patients at risk. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge technology and personalized care.  

Respiratory rate is a neglected vital sign

Recognizing changes in respiratory rate patterns is the most crucial predictor of serious adverse events like cardiac arrest, unplanned ICU admission, or worsening acute health status. 

No single vital sign can give as much information about projecting patient health status as respiratory rate and pattern.   

Despite the vital role, the respiratory rate is often the least recorded vital sign in hospitals due to its time-consuming measurement process, existing barriers and frequent omissions from hospital documentation. 

The Eupnea sensor addresses these challenges in several significant ways: 

  • Continuous detection of respiration rate and patterns, ensuring no critical changes are missed. 
  • An artificial intelligence identifies any changes in rates and patterns, alerting healthcare staff promptly. 
  • Automatic data charting into the patient data management system using a medical-grade connectivity protocol, mitigating manual errors and omissions. 

By taking over the time-consuming task of respiratory rate monitoring, it allows healthcare staff to concentrate on core tasks, thereby decreasing their workload. 

Furthermore, the Eupnea sensor prioritizes patient comfort and mobility. It is cable-free and comes with silent alarms, causing minimal disturbance in the patient room.


Accurate monitoring and notification. Provides dependable data for safe observation of patients.


Long lasting ongoing monitoring with notification of changes. Potential use over long periods, also across treatment courses. Resistant to water and movement.


Easy to use for patients and health care personell. Effortless attachment and handling in treatment course and at home.


A single sensor is available at at reasonable price. Provides cost savings along with reliable vital measurements.


Eupnea’s smart sensor technology is designed to revolutionize respiratory monitoring in hospitals.

Our solution enables healthcare providers to accurately and efficiently monitor patients’ respiratory parameters in real-time. By continuously collecting data on respiratory patterns and detecting abnormalities, our system empowers medical professionals to take proactive measures for early intervention and optimized patient care.

With Eupnea, hospitals can enhance patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, and streamline workflows.

Municipal health

Eupnea’s innovative sensor technology extends its benefits beyond hospital settings.

Our solution is adaptable to various healthcare environments, including nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities. By implementing Eupnea’s smart sensor, these healthcare facilities can enhance their monitoring capabilities and provide comprehensive respiratory care for patients at different stages of their healthcare journey.

From post-operative recovery to chronic disease management, Eupnea’s multiplicity of applications ensures continuous monitoring and personalized interventions, leading to improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life. 

Digital home monitoring

Eupnea’s sensor technology is designed to empower patients to take control of their health from the comfort of their own homes.

Our user-friendly system allows individuals who normally would be monitored at the hospital, to have their vital respiratory parameters monitored conveniently at home. With the support of our advanced software technology, patients can track their respiratory patterns, receive personalized insights, and share the collected data with their healthcare providers remotely.

By enabling digital home monitoring, Eupnea facilitates proactive self-management, early detection of respiratory changes, and timely interventions, ultimately improving patients’ overall well-being and reducing the need for frequent hospital visits. 


Eupnea collaborates with leading research institutions, healthcare providers, technical developers and innovation partners to ensure the highest quality of our products.